How to Build a 7 Figure Business With Social Media Management

This is the story about my company and me, but the real hero here is you.

At the end of this story, I will tell you how to make more than 100 000$ in a month (recurring revenue) with social media management in months.

The story:

Before I started Social Media Calendar™, I was running a digital marketing agency. We focused on content creation, we were good at it, and we made decent money.

However, after a couple of years, I had to face the fact that making my (and my team’s) living with content creation meant spending all of the days at the office planning, thinking, creating, and revisioning content for the client. Every day was like starting all over again. Every month you had to sell the service and still find some energy to implement it from scratch.

I was exhausted. I was done.

Since giving up was not an option, we had to change. Quickly. It was time to take a leap of fate and make a pivot.

That pivot was one of the best decisions in my life.

In January 2020, we stopped selling services, and we started selling products. And we decided to focus only on social media content.

Social Media Calendar™ was born.

As you already know, instead of tailored content creation for companies, we started offering generic template bundles for different industries. We created all templates in Canva so the customer could edit images, texts, colors, and other graphic elements in seconds to match their brand.

Paradoxically, even though I went close to burnout with the content creation, suddenly, we were creating three times more content than ever and hiring more people.

Because the strategy was different, I soon started feeling more energetic than ever. Creating content was funnier than for a long time. And so it has been since day one with this company.

On this date, we have already created over +50 000 social media templates for over 100 different industries. That would never have been possible without our fantastic customers, so thank you!

Next move (it’s time to grow YOUR business!)

In October 2021, we took a new step forward again.

We launched our new site, Social Media Content™!

We created this new site with a fantastic user interface, uploaded all of our +50 000 templates in, and put a fixed subscription price on it.

At a low price, you will get instant and unlimited access to ALL of our templates ever made; the best, largest, and most comprehensive library of social media content for marketing agencies, social media managers, and business owners.

(NOTE: Social Media Calendar won’t go anywhere… Vice versa: more products coming!)

What does this mean to you?

The final idea for the app came actually from you, my lovely customers.

After hundreds of requests for an app like this, we knew that we had to create it.

Basically, the best thing this app will do for you is a tremendous saving in time, which allows you to scale your business (whatever content creation services you are offering).

Thinking, planning, and creating the content are gone forever. All you have to do is choose a set of ready-made templates and edit them to fit your client’s brand.

You can do and earn more with less effort.

Here is one case example for building a 7 figure business:

Back in the days when I was doing social media management, I charged $1000 in a month for 30 posts I created and scheduled for my client.  At its best, we had over 60 customers (do the math!).

That was one of the best services we offered because it brought money in every month. Unfortunately, it took almost five days to create the content and schedule all posts with captions for ONE client…

.. If I only had access to 50 000 ready-made social media templates…

It would have taken a maximum of 5 hours to finish the content calendar for the client. With 2-3 employees, you can easily handle 100 clients and hit a recurring monthly revenue of 100k.

So the game plan for you:

  1. Buy access to the app
  2. Access +50 000 ready-made social media templates
  3. Start selling content creation services

Jerry Hietaniemi

Founder, Social Media Calendar / Social Media Content