Read How Valerie Uses Social Media Content™ To Grow Her Social Media Management Business

Greetings. My name is Valarie L. Harris. Apart from being an author, I am also a certified business, brand, and marketing strategy coach as well as a social media marketing manager. This has been my professional career since 2012. Through hosting their social media marketing, creating content for them, or coaching them on best practices, I help businesses save time and money. My differentiated service is that I help business owners from every industry create a social media strategy that makes it easy and comfortable for their business to use so that they aren’t wasting time trying to get it right when it comes to marketing their business on social media. In the sometimes chaotic world of marketing on social media, I want to help business owners save time and save their sanity.

Because of a need in my community for social media marketing coaching and management, I chose this career path. The visibility of several small and mid-sized businesses was limited, and I wanted to assist them by improving their visibility so that they could flourish and grow. As part of my dreams, I would like to grow my business into a full-service marketing company that assists businesses all over the world with social media marketing and coaching them on how they can use it to grow. As a marketing professional, I love doing this because #1, it’s pretty easy and #2, I enjoy creating content and observing the growth that comes from my efforts to market my clients’ social platforms.

This Is How I Use Social Media Content

People who are considering becoming a Social Media Manager as a career should not hesitate! With Social Media Content as your resources, your career as a Social Media Manager will be a lot easier and more enjoyable. So if you are passionate about social media, you enjoy creating and sharing content, and you enjoy helping businesses develop their online presence, then this app is for you.

The best thing about Social Media Content is that there are so many different templates for various purposes. Still, you will always find over 100 similar templates with consistent style and theme which makes it easy to maintain a client’s social media for a long time.

Previously, I would have to search through a variety of photo image sites to find the right images for my clients, a very time-consuming process, not to mention that I had to resize the images so that they could be distributed properly on various platforms, another time-consuming process, but thanks to SMC, I no longer have to do those things.

I do not have to worry about resizing the images as they are already the right sizes for all platforms, so all I need to do is edit the colors to fit the branding of my business and my clients. It is so easy and saves way too much time. In addition, I subscribed to their monthly subscription program, since all of my content needs are in one place, at an affordable price. The quality of the content offered by SMC never lets me down, and with all the extra time and money, I can now focus on further expanding my business.

Get in touch with me if you’d like to learn more about my business and how I use SMC to help my clients grow.

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