Attention Social Media Managers!

"Check my FREE video training below to see how I make $50k recurring revenue in a month as a Social Media Manager. In just 30 minutes I will reveal all my secrets for a super profitable SMM business"

- Jerry Hietaniemi

How To Make 50k/Month As A Social Media Manager?

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What You Will Learn In This FREE Video Training?

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1. What services you should be selling as a Social Media Manager (0-10 Minutes)

First, you will look at the Social Media Manager's service portfolio: what you should be selling and avoiding. You will learn the number #1 mistake most SMMs make with their portfolios.

2. How to sell like a crazy (10-18 Minutes)

After watching (and implementing) this part, you won't struggle with sales anymore. I will show the exact process to get 15 new clients every month without cold calling.

3. How to create social media content 5x faster than others (18-30 minutes)

This is the most crucial part. No more wasting time on content creation. When you can implement the service in hours... You can scale and grow your business up to $50-100k in a month.

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"I almost gave up, but then I realized 3 things that changed my business (and life)!"

When I started as a Social Media Manager, I made almost all the mistakes a newbie business owner can make.

I struggled with sales, and I struggled to deliver the service I managed to sell.

I felt like I had too much work already, but the sad reality was that I was not even making my living. 

Soon I was exhausted, and I had to face reality. Things needed to change, or I had to quit.

I didn’t succeed with sales.

I sold too many different services.

I was struggling to implement the service.

But I didn’t give up. Instead, I studied, tested, failed, and iterated my way up to $50k/month.

Now I am ready to share my proven tactics with you.

Jerry Hietaniemi